Welcome to my Non-USA (foreign) and Limited Edition Pez page. Dispensers listed on this page are either only sold outside of the USA or were produced by the Pez Co. in limited quantities. All of the dispensers listed on this page are mint and have FEET unless specified differently. Click on the dispenser name in order to see a pic. Use your browser back button to re-display the page. For better viewing, the pics may show loose dispensers. However, if the dispenser is listed MOC or MIP, it can be purchased either loose or MOC/MIP as listed.

To order, please e-mail me: for availability and a shipping/ins price.

Good luck finding what you want!!! Remember, spend with your head, and not your emotions! Thank You for visiting.

MIP: Mint In Package
MOC: Mint On Card

Page last updated: December 11, 2012

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Banana - Parrot (With Feet)

Ben 10 (With Feet) $16
Bolo (With Feet) $10
Bride and Groom (Afro-American, With Feet) $28
Bride and Groom (Red Hair, With Feet) $28
Bride and Groom (Brown Hair, With Feet) $15
Bundesrat Girl (With Feet) $10

Chick-Fil-A Cow (MIP, With Feet)

Convention Crystal Chick - 2005 (MIP, with feet) $15
Convention Witch (With Feet) $15
Crystal Christmas Set of 4 (MIP - With Feet) $12
Crystal Tweety (Stensiled Stem, With Feet) $10
Cuties (Click 'n Play, With Feet) $18

Disney Set of 5 (Including Dalmation, Bambi, Marie, With Feet)


Fairies (Light Blue, Set of 3, with feet) 


Gary - The Snail (With Feet) 

Gold Baloo (MOC, With Feet) $20

Hello Kitty (Set of 4, With Feet)

Hello Kitty (Set of 4, Pastel Colors, With Feet) $20

Julius (with feet)


Lonney Tune (Set of 6, With Feet)


Melman and Skipper (Set of 2 from Madagascar, With Feet) 

Mini Santa - With Loop (With Feet - Shown next to a normal size Santa) $10
Mr. Men (Click 'n Play, With Feet) $25

Nivea Advertising Truck (MOC)

Shrek Silver Donkey(With Feet) $10

Pirate Hockey Puck (With Feet


Trains (Set of 4, From Japan, With Feet

Tigger Detective and Whinnie Sleuth (With Feet) $12
Truck - ACE (MOC) $4
Truck - Bottom Dollar (MOC) $4
Truck - CRAFTSMAN (MOC) $5
Truck - CVS (White Cab, MOC) $3
Truck - CVS (Red, MOC) $3
Truck - European Trucks (MOC) $13
Truck - Food Lion (MOC) $4
Truck - GET GO (Blue, MIP) $4
Truck - GET GO (Red, MOC) $4
Truck - Hollywood Video (MOC) $5
Truck - HyVee (MOC) $4
Truck - Movie Gallery (MOC) $5
Truck - Price Chopper (MOC) $4
Truck - Rite Aid (MOC) $3
Truck - Safeway (MOC) $4
Truck - Santa (MOC) $4
Truck - Sheetz (MOC) $6
Truck - Shop Rite 2011 (MOC) $4
Truck - Shop Rite 2012 (MOC) $4
Truck - Stewarts (MOC) $4
Truck - Wawa (MOC) $4
Truck - Wegmans Chicken (MOC) $4
Truck - Wegmans Sushi (MOC) $4
Truck - Wegmans Tomatoes (MOC) $4
Truck - Wegmans Veggies (MOC) $4
Truck - Winn Dixie (MOC) $4

Walle and Eve (With Feet)

Whinnie The Pooh (Click 'n Play, With Feet) Each $25

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